As we head into 2024 let’s talk some time to look at what may be coming our way with floral trends for 2024. As I always say though – go with what you love! Trends are always a good indication of what is going to be popular, but don’t be sucked in with something because it’s all over the ‘gram if it’s not for you!

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December 20, 2023

Let’s talk 2024 wedding flower trends…

Sorry guys – it’s October – I’m going in! The big C is coming, and I’m busy making plans here at Wildflower & Willow. One of my most treasured things about the Christmas season is seeing everyone catching up with friends and family, and spending quality out of ‘work’ time with colleagues. Everyone is always […]


October 4, 2023

Let’s talk Christmas…

Planning a transatlantic wedding in bonnie Scotland – Edinburgh & The Scottish Borders Planning a destination wedding in Edinburgh or the Scottish Borders offers a blend of history, natural beauty, cultural richness, and AMAZING memorable experiences. Edinburgh, with its ancient castle, cobblestone streets, and majestic architecture, exudes an irresistible historic charm. The Scottish Borders, with […]

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June 29, 2023

Let’s talk planning destination weddings!

The ‘Wow wedding factor’ is something that most couples will want at least one element of their wedding to achieve. After all, you’ve both spent considerable time and money preparing and planning for this day – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting and having a few magical moments throughout the day. Whether you define that […]


June 15, 2022

5 Details That Add That Wedding Wow Factor